Asterisk Realty provides consulting services in relation to all aspects of property development, ownership, investment and occupation.

How does an investor find excellent price to future value investment in Japan? Naturally, the answer is more accessible to local Japanese investors who have been trading the most excellent properties amongst themselves.

These superb off-market properties are rarely seen in the open market even during times of financial hardship. However there is a door way into the discrete market where conservative Japanese property owners welcome trusted and accredited “outside buyers”. Asterisk Realty is an exclusive gateway to build trust with foreign investment interest and introduce the best of the best off-market properties.

Let Asterisk connect you into the complete Japanese real estate market. Please call or send an email today!

Some consulting services that we provide:


  • The provision of research and analysis to guide each unique client in real estate acquisition and disposition.
  • Language and culture consultation and assistance to facilitate business in Japan.
  • The provision of strategic advice in relation to niche real estate investment opportunities.
  • Providing a range of other service lines that compliment our service for you.
  • Consulting for financial resources available in Japan.